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Rage Left Hand

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Rage Left Hand

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Want the best then the Maxel Rage Compact Jigging Reels are what you are looking for, these reels feature Double Anodising and are specially designed for slow and mechanical jigging. This compact and powerful reel is armed with a gradual drag cam for more control and less bust offs.

The Jigging Reel is armed with a refined Carbon Dual Drag System for more precise lever drag adjustment as the drag power goes up gradually and smoothly. This helps reduce the line breakage and foul hook rate. M-Power Torsion Mechanics to further improve cranking torque. Moderate Ratio Gear of Special Adjustment maximises the line retrieve per crank. It also comes with a longer power handle and T-bar for more comfortable grip

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Model BB Gear Ratio Line Capacity (PE) Length of handle arm Length of Alum Oval Knob Max. Strike Drag (kg) (w/free spool) Max. Full Drag (kg) (w/free spool) Reel Weight Line Retrieve per crank
R25HL 9+2 6.2:1 PE2/400M,PE1/600M 108mm 82mm 5,1 7,6 390g 96cm
R60HL 9+2 5.3:1 PE2/1200M,PE3/850M 118mm 100mm 8 15 640g 106cm
R90NL 9+2 4.0:1 PE3/1200M,PE7/400M 123mm 100mm 16 22 730g 94cm
R90L 9+2 4.0:1 PE3/1500M,PE8/450M 123mm 100mm 16 22 740g 94cm

PE to mm – conversion

PE#  Diameter
PE 1  0,165 mm
PE 1,5  0,205 mm
PE 2  0,235 mm
PE 2,5  0,260 mm
PE 3  0,285 mm
PE 3,5  0,310 mm
PE 4  0,330 mm
PE 5  0,370 mm
PE 6  0,405 mm
PE 7  0,435 mm

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R25HL, R60HL, R90NL, R90L




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