Maxel Fishing och Jigstar havsfiskespön

Både Maxels och JigStars spön kännetecknas av extremt noggrant utvalda klingor och detaljer och material av högsta kvalitet. Detta ger sig uttryck i prestanda (aktion och ryggrad) som är mycket svåra att matcha.

Transformer Light Jigging Rods

When light jigging, the rod tip must be ultra soft with excellent sensitivity to enable the lure jigging back gradually with excellent swimming action. To get such high performance, Maxel proudly launched its TRANSFORMER XUL jigging rod series, a super lightweight rod with super soft tip ideally for light jigging. The blank use the top grade Toray ’K-MESH’ 3k carbon sheet powered by Maxel unique rod building know-how.

Transformer Heavy Jigging Rods

These rods are designed and produced for absolute maximum backbone and lifting power. They are brutal! The blanks are super high grade Toray Hybrid Tubelor Structure Carbon. The first guide is raised to avoid the line cutting into the EVA grip. Available both in casting (for multiplier reels) and spinning versions.

Sealion Jigging

The Sealion limited jigging rod series is a perfect compliment to the ultimate line up of Sealion lever drag jigging reels . With the lightweight and unmatched lifting power, it pushes the limit of jigging as anglers aim to land bigger and stronger fish with the lightest possible tackle.

Risky Player Slow Jigging

Maxel has developed a unique slow jigging rod that overcomes the shortcomings of similar rods in the category. The Risky player has the power to bend into fish and pump them to the surface, overcoming the weak characteristics sometimes found in high-resilient carbon blanks. Maxel has found the answer in the powerful Boron fibre used in the blanks, which makes these slow jigging rods light, extremely sensitive and incredibly strong. Risky Player is ideal for using when the fish are inactive and difficult to tempt. The rod design allows it to be fished at a high arc and present the jig in a long fall through the water.

Elemento Slow Jigging

The Elemento rod series is created from a synthesis of mixed elements on mechanics, reflex, physics, action and complex carbon materials with advanced rod building engineering. The unique blank design with 3/7 medium fast action makes it easy to handle the sensitive slow jigging technique in various water conditions.  The jig action through the reflection principle is excellent even with heavy jigs against strong and multi-layer currents. The Multi Tapper designed rod also works well with high pitch action to seduce the fish to bite even when they are inactive.

Big Game Rods

Maxel specifically designed stand up trolling rods , a perfect match to Maxel big game trolling reels. Utilizing the latest e-glass rod blank technology and a sensitive tip action , it has the extreme strength and durability to make your game fishing more enjoyable.