The back support harness with more area on back waist gives you more leverage to fight, also this design can well protect your waist and avoid overload or injury.
The back support harness available is 126cm ( L ) .


Maxel ultra light weight carbon gimbal belt ,designed for serious jiggers with durable quality to last for years. With unique cutting shape, the carbon plate rests comfortably which allows you to fight big fish with rod lock stability.

Net weight for the carbon belt is 600g only .The low weight is an advantage compare to same belt but done by aluminum. The center rod holder is made of anodized aluminum, available in blue, gold, silver, red and gun smoke colors. A removable pin is designed in the center rod holder to lock different rod butt.

Model: SBSHL Length: 126 cm Color: BLACK
Model: SCG Length: CARBON PLATE LENGTH 30cm; Width: 18.5cm Color: BLACK